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  1. On page page 7, top line, at the beginning of the line, there should be a linebreak after C:\ftp\rb>irb

  2. On page 109, the sentence.rb script sends output to the monitor. It should send the output to an external file. The third to last line of the script is:
    print(line + "\n")
    It will send output to an external file if it is re-written as:
    fout.print(line + "\n")
    Thanks goes to R. Mark Sharp, Ph.D., who found the error and suggested the fix, on December 21, 2009.

  3. The script on page 150 of Ruby Programming for Medicine and Biology, has a few quirks. First, it assumes that the text file (to be sorted) is a DOS-style file with a two character (carriage-return,line-feed) linebreak. Also, it assumes that every line (in the file to be sorted) contains alphanumeric text.

    This slightly modified Ruby script will work in any type of text file and does not require text to appear on any lines of the file.
    text ="terms.txt", "r")
    out ="terms.put", "w")
    linearray =
    begin_position = 0
    text.each_line do
        old_position = begin_position
        begin_position = text.pos
        line = line.chomp! + "          "
        linearray << line.slice(0..9) + old_position.to_s
    linearray.each do
      seekplace = value.slice(10..20).to_i, IO::SEEK_SET)
    Thanks goes to Dr. Tim Rand, who spotted the error and sent me his own version of a fix on February 6, 2008.

  4. On page 288, In the List title, the intended word is MEANINFUL, not MEANINGUL.

  5. On page 290, in the middle of the third paragraph, the word nil shoud appear entirely in Courier font.

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